Pokemon 2021 Desk Block Calendar


This Pokemon Block is a page-a-day calendar and each day you will get your daily dose of Pokemon for 2021. Pokemon began in the early 1980s and in Japanese means ‘Pocket Monsters.’ Pokemon is not only a video game, but a TV show, an app and gaming cards. There is also a Pokemon YouTube channel with over 3 million subscribers.

By having this Pokemon Desk Block you will learn more facts and have images on Pokemon characters. This Block will feature all your favourite Pokemon characters including ‘Pikachu,’ ‘Squirtle,’ ‘Charmander’ and ‘Bulbasaur.’ Pokemon appeals to pre teens and upwards!

This Pokemon Official 2021 Desk Block features a self-standing easel which can be laid flat or at an angle on your desk for daily notes. This is a must buy for a Pokemon fan as it is a fun way to personalise your desk at home or in the office.

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