Rick and Morty 2021 Gift Box Set


Rick and Morty, an American comic cartoon television series about a mad scientist Rick who arrives back, from being missing for nearly 20 years, to his daughters house where her husband Jerry is not so welcoming… and believes he’s a sociopath scientist who’s up to no good.

Rick uses his garage as his own personal lab where he produces new scientific devices which aren’t all safety proven and very risky, just what Jerry wants! This doesn’t stop him, however, from taking adventures across the universe with his two grand children Morty and Summer.

Despite the suspicious husband, this doesn’t stop Rick and Morty from venturing out into unknown lands, with Rick’s sci-fi inventions. The pair come face to face with all kinds of trouble and are put into very sticky situations which deem difficult to escape. This Gift Set Box is all Rick and Morty themed with a designed printed diary with the main characters on the front, a calendar with various Rick and Morty shots, a pen and even a specialised, original Rick and Morty keepsake box.

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